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Serviced Apartments At Goa’s Popular Wedding Venues

There are plenty of locations in Goa are considered primary venues to tie the knot. The beach locations are the most sought-after venues as compared to indoors or city centered wedding venues. Obviously the charm is getting married by the beach and we have listed a few of the resorts that have been popular quota period of time among couples that tied the knot in Goa. Most of these locations have serviced apartments attached to the to their properties or can arrange a similar setting on request.

Zuri White Sands Resorts
This beautiful resort is located on one of Goa’s longest beach stretches and is a beautiful setting for a romantic beach wedding. There are about hundred and five rooms here, and you can also plan wedding by the beach hosted by the hotel itself.

Lalit Golf and Spa Resort
This resort is close to Patnem & Pallolem beach. It’s one of the cleanest beaches of Goa and it is located on the huge coastline of open shores. From an intimate gathering to a larger one this resort can accommodate it all. Most wedding planners recommend this resort for a beach wedding due to its luxury and comfort that it has to offer.

Ramada Caravela Beach Resort
This resort is located along Varca Beach and is the perfect location for narrowly averting but also for a vacation. In all there are 200 rooms here, the environment is peaceful, the beach is private and the amenities that the hotel has to offer is top-class.

Taj Excotica

This resort is south goers most preferred wedding location. There is a huge ballroom wherein you can comfortably seat over 800 people and also lush green lawns bordering the sandy beach where you can plan for an intimate gathering. There are also several garden villas that you can select from four accommodating your guests, each has a beautiful view of the Arabian and the pool.

Kenilworth Beach Resort

This resort is one of those places where you find so much of Goa reflecting in its ambiance. The resort offers couples for locations across the resort that they can choose from for the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. There is a venue just by the beach can easily accommodate the group of 300 people but I really is perfect for a small gathering. If you’re looking at a larger crowd, there is a hall big enough to accommodate up to 1200 people. There are several lawns and open spaces as well.

Holiday Inn Resort

Holiday Inn Resort is is located at the coast of Mobor beach. You have three options available for planning a wedding here. You can accommodate about 600 people on the lawn just in front of the beach and you can also can pack in about 400 to 500 people in one of the open air halls.

Royal Orchid and Spa

This property spreads across nearly 5 acres bordering the beach and has over 75 rooms in it. There are multiple locations here for you to tie the knot depending on the number of guests and size of location that you prefer. The hotel is capable of catering for a maximum of 250 people and also has serviced apartments that they offer.

There are several other locations across the state as well, depending on your budget references and location preferences we will work closely with your team of planners to accommodate your guests comfortably here. This list is a compilation of mostly five-star properties we also have several other options as well.


For Your Wedding Guest Accommodations: A Serviced Apartment Over a Hotel

Over the years, there’s been a trend of many couples tying the knot out here in Goa. The wedding season in Goa begins from September and carries on till the first two weeks of January. It’s a crowded time to year at hotels being overbooked, plenty of hustle bustle, crowded places and very limited privacy.

Several wedding planners have been suggesting their clients a better alternatives when they bring their guests down for their wedding. Accommodations at Hotel have their own pros and cons but, so much to offer and being the curious destination it is, there is plenty that you can provide you guests with that may be even better than accommodating them at a hotel.

You’ll find plenty of apartments that are located in around the coastal areas. Accommodating of guests at a service apartments would be comparatively much cheaper as accommodating them in a hotel. We recently catered to a wedding in Goa, that had a guest count of 80 people. It was an intimate gathering and we were asked to find accommodation for the guest by the wedding planner. The time of the wedding was around the months of November and December. We looked at considering several hotels and although the prices were competitive to each other our clientele did not approve any of the stays we had shortlisted for him.
We suggested him to consider booking service apartments and we shortlisted a few in the northern belt, just to name a few these were, the Nichal apartment, or Avella Villas and Suites, Sun and Sand Apartments, casa Melhor Goveia and Beautiful One-Bedroom Apartment.

The cost effectiveness in hiring a serviced apartment for your guests attending your wedding is much more cheaper in comparison to that of a tiny hotel room.

Availability it completely dependent on the time when the date of your wedding here in Goa. The closer you get towards the months of December and the more the difficulty increases in getting you alternatives for your guests.
We work with several wedding planners and event producers across the state for their accommodation requirements.

Our serviced apartments are completely equipped with all modern amenities and luxuries. We provide you with an apartment depending on the number of guests that you are having for the event. From a pool setting to a gym and also an in-house private bar, we can prepare all the arrangements for you.

We can provide you with accommodation for your guests nearest to your ceremony venue or reception venue. Transportation of the guests to and fro from the venues is also managed by us.

For Business in Goa Expanding with Serviced Apartments

vacation rentals in goa

Goa’s tourism business has been booming and many businesses have ventured into catering to serviced apartments in the coastal belts. It is human tendency to want to do better than what you are currently doing. Many people complain about turning their vacation rental business into a highly profitable one. Why shouldn’t they, if you look at the stats, there is a lot of money to be made in that line.

No matter how good a property for the apartments are, no matter how perfect the location, you always have those days when no one seems to be calling and that phone is just lying there. Furthermore, your calendar is not booked for anything and it gets really depressing to look at it and hope to do better the next day. Remember at the end of the day, a business is a business, and every business has its ups and downs as the business for rentals in Goa is a highly seasonal one.

Here are a few tips that will help expand your clientele for serviced apartments in Goa

Remember you are running a business and nothing else. This is not a pass time nor is it something you do to enjoy yourself or to make yourself feel good, it is a business and has to be run as such. Just thinking about running this as a business over anything else, will make it a bigger success as you will spend more time working on this endeavor as you would on a hobby. The demand in Goa for serviced apartments is increasing each year and put in the efforts in the get go will hep to set the business in the future.

You have to be frank with yourself. You have to take a long hard look and evaluate yourself on whether you are doing really well or you need to up your game. Pay attention to what you are good at, what you have to better yourself on, and most importantly, finding the qualities you cannot learn nor possess.

Make sure you market yourself well. If you have established that you are running a business and not a hobby, why not give it some publicity? You may have to spend some money on it but you are bound to make up the difference soon. All you need to work on, is your mindset. Meeting with established travel agencies in Goa would help you in pre-bookings for your apartments in advance. You may need to hire an interior expert to remodel certain sections of your apartment in-order to accommodate the tastes of your guests to fetch a better rentals

Make sure you create some realistic and achievable goals, you are just getting started so don’t be too hard on yourself. You can try evaluating yourself every month or twice a month. Remember to use your goals to improve and if you are improving, better yourself. That’s the only way to lead at what you are doing. The market for accommodation in Goa is very competitive and pricing is a major deterrent.  Ensuring that you are well priced will keep you at par of the market.

Throughout the entire process receive realistic returns and keep your head in the game. Remember to up your game to get better returns, try not to have too large profits off one place as that may make it expensive for the client. Increase the number of leads you end up converting. Don’t forget to expand your inventory. of apartments that you can rent. Remember not to spend too much time on insignificant details and spend time only on the ones you see getting
you profits in future.

Ten Things you must know About Renting an Apartment in Goa

Ten Things you must know About Renting an Apartment in Goa

When on vacation, looking for the perfect place is not as easy as it seems. People make it seem like a piece of cake while others suggest staying at a hotel but the wisest idea would be finding the perfect apartment and enjoying your vacation there. Goa has see plenty of serviced apartment commence operations  due to the demand for these types of accommodation in Goa.

There are many villa owners in Goa who buy them just as a second or vacation home and keep them empty most of the year. If you manage to find someone like this, you may get it cheap since from his their point of view, some money is better than the nothing they were initially making. If you plan to rent a villa for the long term, consider hiring an architect or interior expert to remodel you home, these professionals are available in Goa are very economical rates.

A few things to keep in mind while renting a villa or condo as a serviced apartment.

  1. Make sure you find the right platform while looking for vacation rentals

This involves asking around, ie. Your friends or family, for the right place or listening to what people that have traveled there before have to say. Now a days, you can search on multiple websites more than willing to help make the search better.Ten Things you must know About Renting an Apartment in Goa

  1. Knowing exactly what you want

You may not require some of the features coming with the condo, but may get them anyway and have to pay extra. The best thing to do would be to think about this carefully and then decide on what you are getting. You may hate living by the beach as the feeling of sand under your feet makes you uncomfortable, so getting a places there, is unadvisable, but you might get it anyway and have to pay extra.

  1. Timing your purchase

Holiday seasons like Christmas or others are usually expensive. Furthermore, booking in advance sometimes greatly cuts down the price. Try booking a few months in advance, and you may even end up with a better choice.

  1. Finding out what you are renting

Just because the advertisement says it can house the number of people you are travelling with, doesn’t mean it’s a good investment. You have to make sure, four rooms is what you need; otherwise you have a shell out those extra bucks for no reason.

  1. Getting to know the owner

Get to know the owner, he may be able to help you out if you have difficulties later. Make sure he isn’t some shady guy either, he is less likely to cheat you then.

  1. Finding out whether your rental is part of an association

Many associations back up neighborhoods or groups of houses. If you have an association and need something sorted, you can always ask someone for help. The alternative, you having to dance around if a pipe bursts or if you have some electrical trouble.

  1. Becoming a power user

Check up all the details of the place on the internet. There are sites that help compare to make sure you get the best deal. Read up on the places, especially reviews put up by people who stayed there in the past.

  1. Avoid getting too large a group

Sometimes it is just easier if you break your group down into smaller groups. You will have more privacy and can get adjoining villas so at the end of the day, you still are together. Many villas in Goa are rowed to each other and you can always look at the option of booking multiple villas.

  1. Review the contract thoroughly

Most serviced villas and apartments have a minimum stay period of 3 nights and for days. You will also have to pay for additional facilities and amenities that you would be charge for as well.

 10. Staying Flexible

Remember you are choosing between a villa, condo or service apartment and that isn’t as easy to come by as compared to a hotel room. Make sure you have flexible dates, you can debate them with the owner to make sure everything goes perfectly. Be open to changing to a few days before or after. This is when it helps to be booking in advance, you usually have more of a choice.

Calangute’s most favorite Attractions

There are a bunch of attraction in Calangute, attractions that would make you pick Calanguteover other beaches in the state.

calungute goa

For one, Calangute is the most popular beach in Goa

The crowd and food you find here, you won’t find anywhere else.

Fort Aguada, not in Calangute but in Candolim is an amazing attraction, left behind by the Portuguese and currently used as a jail, this Fort watched over Goa and protected her from a sea assault back in the days when the Portuguese were here.calungute goa2

The church of St Alex, often referred to as the Calangute church has also seen its fair share of tourists coming to admire the Portuguese architecture in Goa.


The Retreat house in Baga, run by the Jesuits is another attraction in the area. The people coming to visit it enjoy a spiritual retreat and leave enlightened. The priests at the retreat house are always welcoming if you need any assistance with anything.calungute goa3

There are always the Baga and Calangute beaches that always manage to gather people from all over the state, not forgetting to mention, tourists from other states of India and other countries as well.

The Medical springs attract many that believe it can heal them. Many of the people visiting the springs walk away healed.

Serviced apartments to outperform hotels in next three years:

Serviced apartments in Goa

Serviced Apartments in Goa has been a rising trend over the last few years. This growth is a result due to the rise in tourism that Goa is so famous for. The trend for serviced apartments  has been booming in Europe for some time now and this shift as been moving towards Asia as well, here a look at Goa for these types of apartments in prticular

These apartments have occupied prime spots in Goa and are are catering to clients visiting each year. The internet has made it possible for small businesses to to find clientele much easier.

Over the last five years small businesses experimented with converting existing small homes on the Goa’s tourism belt of Calangute and Baga to meet the overflow of booking hotels saw during the tourist season.  Small businesses would lease these apartments from home owners and have it listed over to the the tourism market. On an average these rentals fetched much more income on a daily basis as compared to a monthly rental income. Small businesses  tried out this over a few seasons and began to see an opportunity in diversifying their offerings and extending their facilities.

A whopping amount of 30%-$40% of the tourists coming in from cold-winter parts of the world would plan a stay in Goa for months. These is the very exact market that small businesses ventured into. On the other hand there are many travelling to Goa that choose a serviced home with larger spaces, own kitchen to cook in when compared to a hotel which would offer a cramped space to live in. At the same time, these offerings have the much required privacy and peace that you don’t see at a hotel.

So, from renting out small homes for a season, these businesses took to refurbish multiple homes across the tourists areas to converted them into Service Apartments. The advantage these business have is the fact that existing structures already existed that are closer to the beaches, that make them attractive offerings to  to travelers who prefer living close to a beach when visiting a tropical destination for a holiday.

All this has given a hotels a for its money, due to the limitations in the availability of rooms to meet the demand for tourism. Occupancy rates are as high as 80% each year on an average, but gets sold out during the high-peak season. Property Investments have also been pouring into the market as real estate investments have been yielding positive returns over the years.