For Your Wedding Guest Accommodations: A Serviced Apartment Over a Hotel

Over the years, there’s been a trend of many couples tying the knot out here in Goa. The wedding season in Goa begins from September and carries on till the first two weeks of January. It’s a crowded time to year at hotels being overbooked, plenty of hustle bustle, crowded places and very limited privacy.

Several wedding planners have been suggesting their clients a better alternatives when they bring their guests down for their wedding. Accommodations at Hotel have their own pros and cons but, so much to offer and being the curious destination it is, there is plenty that you can provide you guests with that may be even better than accommodating them at a hotel.

You’ll find plenty of apartments that are located in around the coastal areas. Accommodating of guests at a service apartments would be comparatively much cheaper as accommodating them in a hotel. We recently catered to a wedding in Goa, that had a guest count of 80 people. It was an intimate gathering and we were asked to find accommodation for the guest by the wedding planner. The time of the wedding was around the months of November and December. We looked at considering several hotels and although the prices were competitive to each other our clientele did not approve any of the stays we had shortlisted for him.
We suggested him to consider booking service apartments and we shortlisted a few in the northern belt, just to name a few these were, the Nichal apartment, or Avella Villas and Suites, Sun and Sand Apartments, casa Melhor Goveia and Beautiful One-Bedroom Apartment.

The cost effectiveness in hiring a serviced apartment for your guests attending your wedding is much more cheaper in comparison to that of a tiny hotel room.

Availability it completely dependent on the time when the date of your wedding here in Goa. The closer you get towards the months of December and the more the difficulty increases in getting you alternatives for your guests.
We work with several wedding planners and event producers across the state for their accommodation requirements.

Our serviced apartments are completely equipped with all modern amenities and luxuries. We provide you with an apartment depending on the number of guests that you are having for the event. From a pool setting to a gym and also an in-house private bar, we can prepare all the arrangements for you.

We can provide you with accommodation for your guests nearest to your ceremony venue or reception venue. Transportation of the guests to and fro from the venues is also managed by us.


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