Calangute’s most favorite Attractions

There are a bunch of attraction in Calangute, attractions that would make you pick Calanguteover other beaches in the state.

calungute goa

For one, Calangute is the most popular beach in Goa

The crowd and food you find here, you won’t find anywhere else.

Fort Aguada, not in Calangute but in Candolim is an amazing attraction, left behind by the Portuguese and currently used as a jail, this Fort watched over Goa and protected her from a sea assault back in the days when the Portuguese were here.calungute goa2

The church of St Alex, often referred to as the Calangute church has also seen its fair share of tourists coming to admire the Portuguese architecture in Goa.


The Retreat house in Baga, run by the Jesuits is another attraction in the area. The people coming to visit it enjoy a spiritual retreat and leave enlightened. The priests at the retreat house are always welcoming if you need any assistance with anything.calungute goa3

There are always the Baga and Calangute beaches that always manage to gather people from all over the state, not forgetting to mention, tourists from other states of India and other countries as well.

The Medical springs attract many that believe it can heal them. Many of the people visiting the springs walk away healed.


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