Ten Things you must know About Renting an Apartment in Goa

Ten Things you must know About Renting an Apartment in Goa

When on vacation, looking for the perfect place is not as easy as it seems. People make it seem like a piece of cake while others suggest staying at a hotel but the wisest idea would be finding the perfect apartment and enjoying your vacation there. Goa has see plenty of serviced apartment commence operations  due to the demand for these types of accommodation in Goa.

There are many villa owners in Goa who buy them just as a second or vacation home and keep them empty most of the year. If you manage to find someone like this, you may get it cheap since from his their point of view, some money is better than the nothing they were initially making. If you plan to rent a villa for the long term, consider hiring an architect or interior expert to remodel you home, these professionals are available in Goa are very economical rates.

A few things to keep in mind while renting a villa or condo as a serviced apartment.

  1. Make sure you find the right platform while looking for vacation rentals

This involves asking around, ie. Your friends or family, for the right place or listening to what people that have traveled there before have to say. Now a days, you can search on multiple websites more than willing to help make the search better.Ten Things you must know About Renting an Apartment in Goa

  1. Knowing exactly what you want

You may not require some of the features coming with the condo, but may get them anyway and have to pay extra. The best thing to do would be to think about this carefully and then decide on what you are getting. You may hate living by the beach as the feeling of sand under your feet makes you uncomfortable, so getting a places there, is unadvisable, but you might get it anyway and have to pay extra.

  1. Timing your purchase

Holiday seasons like Christmas or others are usually expensive. Furthermore, booking in advance sometimes greatly cuts down the price. Try booking a few months in advance, and you may even end up with a better choice.

  1. Finding out what you are renting

Just because the advertisement says it can house the number of people you are travelling with, doesn’t mean it’s a good investment. You have to make sure, four rooms is what you need; otherwise you have a shell out those extra bucks for no reason.

  1. Getting to know the owner

Get to know the owner, he may be able to help you out if you have difficulties later. Make sure he isn’t some shady guy either, he is less likely to cheat you then.

  1. Finding out whether your rental is part of an association

Many associations back up neighborhoods or groups of houses. If you have an association and need something sorted, you can always ask someone for help. The alternative, you having to dance around if a pipe bursts or if you have some electrical trouble.

  1. Becoming a power user

Check up all the details of the place on the internet. There are sites that help compare to make sure you get the best deal. Read up on the places, especially reviews put up by people who stayed there in the past.

  1. Avoid getting too large a group

Sometimes it is just easier if you break your group down into smaller groups. You will have more privacy and can get adjoining villas so at the end of the day, you still are together. Many villas in Goa are rowed to each other and you can always look at the option of booking multiple villas.

  1. Review the contract thoroughly

Most serviced villas and apartments have a minimum stay period of 3 nights and for days. You will also have to pay for additional facilities and amenities that you would be charge for as well.

 10. Staying Flexible

Remember you are choosing between a villa, condo or service apartment and that isn’t as easy to come by as compared to a hotel room. Make sure you have flexible dates, you can debate them with the owner to make sure everything goes perfectly. Be open to changing to a few days before or after. This is when it helps to be booking in advance, you usually have more of a choice.


Seasonal Rentals for Serviced Apartments

The tourist season commences in September that marks the beginning of the tourism calendar in Goa and continues until February, with Goa’s Carnival being the last event that un-officially makes the end of the tourism calender.

serviced rental market

Rentals for vacation homes see an occupancy rate of 30%-40% in the month of September where you can see services apartments listed at lower price point of 60% of what is priced in the peak months of December. As the first charters begin to arrive towards the end of September-early October, there begins a shift in occupancy rates across the board and the season begins to shift gear.

The fall in the rupee also has a indirect effect on tourism, which also saw the economic slowdown have an effect on tourism in 2013. Early signs of tariffs saw prices increase of 20%  as compared to last year,  and this price rise gets higher for the month of December. Last year Goa had a huge number of domestic tourist due to the valuation of the rupee which kept travelers to India as trips abroad got dearer.

We also saw the Government role out the Visa on Arrival Policy that made it convenient for many to choose to travel to India and a huge chuck to Goa coming from the United States and United Kingdom. Vacationers could stay for longer periods and hence this meant increase in volumes for the serviced apartments, villas and hotels.

The off-season is a virtually a ‘dead season’ in Goa with very little or no tourist travelling during this period. Often businesses both related to travel and hospitality see a slowdown during this period. The extent of slowdown also as some effect on the pricing rolled out in the up-coming season. As most rent leases are signed for the year businesses always look to square-off their net returns, balancing the off-season as well as the season to book net profits. Most business decide to shut shop temporarily during this period and resume once the season kicks in.

Overall, the price and occupancy rates are determined on the arrival of the charters booked, giving an industry a sense of what the occupancy rates would be like for the year. This is the main factor that would drive prices to match, the demand and supply of the market.



Calangute’s most favorite Attractions

There are a bunch of attraction in Calangute, attractions that would make you pick Calanguteover other beaches in the state.

calungute goa

For one, Calangute is the most popular beach in Goa

The crowd and food you find here, you won’t find anywhere else.

Fort Aguada, not in Calangute but in Candolim is an amazing attraction, left behind by the Portuguese and currently used as a jail, this Fort watched over Goa and protected her from a sea assault back in the days when the Portuguese were here.calungute goa2

The church of St Alex, often referred to as the Calangute church has also seen its fair share of tourists coming to admire the Portuguese architecture in Goa.


The Retreat house in Baga, run by the Jesuits is another attraction in the area. The people coming to visit it enjoy a spiritual retreat and leave enlightened. The priests at the retreat house are always welcoming if you need any assistance with anything.calungute goa3

There are always the Baga and Calangute beaches that always manage to gather people from all over the state, not forgetting to mention, tourists from other states of India and other countries as well.

The Medical springs attract many that believe it can heal them. Many of the people visiting the springs walk away healed.