Popular Serviced Apartments in Goa

If you are looking for serviced apartments around the beach area, you have to look no further. Furthermore, once you stay at a serviced apartment, 1you’ll never want to visit a hotel again.


They provide everything you could possibly want, with the added independence a hotel can never offer.3

The prices of serviced apartments around the beach are pretty reasonable and you can barely find a serviced apartment within the same range.

They start at rupees two thousand and go all the way you to about five, especially if you intend booking them for the tourist season.4

Chances of finding a cheaper restaurant in Goa around this time is pretty unlikely.5

You may have to book a few days, preferably a few weeks in advance, just to make sure you managed to get your hands on an apartment, since they usually are the fastest accommodations to sell out.6

Check out the website for more details on serviced apartments. They are definitely a better investment than hotel rooms.


Serviced apartments to outperform hotels in next three years:

Serviced apartments in Goa

Serviced Apartments in Goa has been a rising trend over the last few years. This growth is a result due to the rise in tourism that Goa is so famous for. The trend for serviced apartments  has been booming in Europe for some time now and this shift as been moving towards Asia as well, here a look at Goa for these types of apartments in prticular

These apartments have occupied prime spots in Goa and are are catering to clients visiting each year. The internet has made it possible for small businesses to to find clientele much easier.

Over the last five years small businesses experimented with converting existing small homes on the Goa’s tourism belt of Calangute and Baga to meet the overflow of booking hotels saw during the tourist season.  Small businesses would lease these apartments from home owners and have it listed over to the the tourism market. On an average these rentals fetched much more income on a daily basis as compared to a monthly rental income. Small businesses  tried out this over a few seasons and began to see an opportunity in diversifying their offerings and extending their facilities.

A whopping amount of 30%-$40% of the tourists coming in from cold-winter parts of the world would plan a stay in Goa for months. These is the very exact market that small businesses ventured into. On the other hand there are many travelling to Goa that choose a serviced home with larger spaces, own kitchen to cook in when compared to a hotel which would offer a cramped space to live in. At the same time, these offerings have the much required privacy and peace that you don’t see at a hotel.

So, from renting out small homes for a season, these businesses took to refurbish multiple homes across the tourists areas to converted them into Service Apartments. The advantage these business have is the fact that existing structures already existed that are closer to the beaches, that make them attractive offerings to  to travelers who prefer living close to a beach when visiting a tropical destination for a holiday.

All this has given a hotels a for its money, due to the limitations in the availability of rooms to meet the demand for tourism. Occupancy rates are as high as 80% each year on an average, but gets sold out during the high-peak season. Property Investments have also been pouring into the market as real estate investments have been yielding positive returns over the years.